What We Do

We carry out this calling through the simple idea of REACH God, REACH One Another, REACH The World. As a body we REACH to God throughout the week in our services, our worship and our prayer, drawing near to Him and being filled with His Grace, Love, and fellowship (2nd Cor. 13:14). We REACH One Another by taking what God has filled us with and using it within the body of Christ. We do this through weekly studies, Life Groups, special events, pot lucks, and joining with other local churches throughout the week. We REACH The World through our missions at home and abroad, where we take the idea of preaching the good news to the poor, binding the broken hearted, and freeing captives literally. At home we minister to the poor through our food and clothing closet, lending much needed help to families in our community. We bind up the broken hearted through our pastoral counseling, and free the captives through our biblical 12-step, as well as teaming with Hope, Help and Healing, a local Christ-centered drug and alcohol rehab program. Throughout the year our church is also involved in  missions to  the Philippines, Africa, Israel, and China.